17 huhtikuuta, 2014

The beautiful language of English

Hello! Today I decided to write something in English! My English isn´t so good but I hope that someone can fix my mistakes ;) And please if there is someone who don´t speak Finnish then comment on this post and tell what you think about this new idea. Maybe I start to write in English more often!

I finally find some photos from Laskiaisrieha. Quu is so cute when he get cuddles from kids! But now the photos.
I had Tarja's training in Tuesday and it was quite nice! Quu was great and I also did something in there.. I'm sorry I don't have any videos from training because it was the middle of the day so everyone else were in the school when I was at the stable. But I have some photos thanks to Anna! And here they are:
Now I'm actually sick so it might take some time to write next post but I hope that you like this different post and give some comments down the comments box! See you soon❤️

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  1. You write in English very well which allows me to share your words with my family and to get to know you a bit through your own communication. I admire your ability to ride and your love of your horse. Hope to read more soon.

    1. Thanks and I´m very happy that you like it! :)


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